Fashion show provides platform for exposure

THE cost of putting the inaugural Pacific Resort fashion show together at the Fashion Week in Australia will run into the millions as Fashion Week Ltd attempts to make a mark on the international stage.

The show, which kicks off tomorrow, will have all the major fashion stakeholders from around the world attending the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia which the Pacific Resort wear is part of.

Five designers from Fiji Fashion Week will be showcasing their designs at the event.

“The fact that IMG (organiser of the Australian fashion show) has issued us an invitation to stage this show tells us our product is good enough for the world market so in terms of export, the potential to our garment industry is huge,” says Fiji Fashion Week publicist Lice Movono.

“It’s about selling a ‘Made in Fiji’ garment and it’s as important as sugar, beef, biscuits or other products that Fiji exports. Once the necessary stakeholder notices our product it means it starts getting into the racks and the boutiques of the people that matter. Once we get a good ‘Made in Fiji’ dress into a good enough boutique the export earnings are huge but of course the Fiji industry has to work together. This is a huge step for us.

“We have yet to determine the actual cost of staging the show but total cost actually runs into the millions.”

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