FASANOC, ONOC program to help Fiji officials

Kiliati Enterprises, Talemo Waqa (left) ONOC executive director, Dennis Miller and FASANOC chief executive officer, Loraine Mar exchange documents after the MOU signing yesterday. Picture ATU RASEA

THE Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee have signed a memorandum of understanding with Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) for the delivery of Oceania Sports education programs. The MOU signed will see Kiliati Enterprises oversee the delivery of OCEP courses as an initiative for the Olympic movement in the Pacific.

This partnership represents an important collaboration in the sporting community to build capacity and improve sports governance.

FASANOC chief executive officer Lorraine Mar said they had recognised the need to bring about the consistancy and standard to team Fiji.

“We had talked about setting up a national accreditation scheme so that we can have qualified officials. I would also like to emphasize, that we appreciate and recognised what our participants have and we would like to add value to what they had already have by giving them opportunities for them to upskill themselves,” she said.

“This is giving opportunities for all our participants so that we can take ourselves to another level. “We can’t continue to bring overseas experts although we recognise their value as well, but we have local expertise as well and we need to take this local expertise to another new level. This partnership will ensure that our national federations are supported with quality delivery of courses, and working with the Fiji Higher Education Commission to formulate the national requirements in sporting qualification”

Mar added that the FASANOC is working towards adopting a national accreditation scheme to use as a basis for selection.

“These selection of management and volunteers who serve team Fiji in the Olympics, Pacific Games and Commonwealth Games. FASANOC is pleased to partner with ONOC and Kiliati Enterprises and looks forward to enhancing the relationship that had already existed in an effort to bring athletes to their full potential.”

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