Farmland damaged

LIKE the many communities affected by yesterday’s flooding events, residents of Naviyago, Lautoka, are devastated that floodwaters tore through farmland they depended on for their daily living.

The settlement and surrounding areas were inaccessible to small vehicles as floodwaters continued to rise yesterday morning.

Walesi Munaki Fisher, 21, was one of the residents surprised by the strength of the flooding incident.

“It started to rain Saturday afternoon and then continued through the night but we only saw a change in the morning (yesterday),” she said.

Ms Fisher said their house had been flooded too but they did not evacuate because they wanted to stay with their belongings.

Another resident, Sana Mulase, said almost 30 homes in their settlement, Bila, were under water.

“This is one of the worst floods we have seen but we are still home because of our belongings.”

Sugarcane farms along the highway were also under water.

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