Farmers union wants open communication with FSC

NATIONAL Farmers Union president Surendra Lal says there is a need for transparent information given to farmers by the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

Mr Lal claimed there were reports that FSC had removed the bypass at roller number two and the shredder at Labasa mill on Saturday.

The bypass at roller number two and the shredder extract sugar from the cane.

Mr Lal said FSC should always inform farmers of the types of changes done at the mill.

“Farmers need to be informed of these because the two crushing stations that they have removed are required to be the most important ones,” he said.

He said the removal of the two crushing stations meant that farmers needed to produce more cane.

“Farmers will have to produce more cane because the removal of the two crushing stations means there will be less extraction of juice and there will be less sugar,” he said. “All these types of information and changes in the mill need to be told to farmers.”

Fiji Sugar Corporation chief executive officer Graham Clark said there was no problem at the mill and farmers should talk to the corporation if they had problems.

Mr Clark urged farmers to bring in more cane to the mill.

“They don’t know what’s happening in the mill and it would be good if farmers just bring in more cane and if they are not satisfied with what we are doing, then tell them to call us instead of going over to the newspaper with their complaints,” he said.

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