Farmers seek divine help

RESIDENTS of Nayaroyaro settlement will begin their spiritual fasting period next month as they hope for successful yaqona farming projects this year.

Village elder Ilaitia Turaganivalu said the fasting period would be for three months.

He said they had big yaqona farms in the village of Macuata that had financially supported their families, but God’s guidance was needed to help the village elders plan constructively for their people when dealing with the farms.

“It’s good money and has provided well for the families in this settlement,” he said. “But we need God in our lives to show us how to go about our long-term plans to benefit our children, grandchildren and future generation.

“Yaqona farming is no joke as it rakes in a lot of money, but most of us, as villagers, don’t have a good education background to analyse and plan for the next 50 or 100 years, so that is why we are having this fasting period.”

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