Farmers harvest cane despite challenges

DESPITE challenges faced in some parts of Seaqaqa this crushing season, the farmers have crushed about 80 per cent of cane.

Advisory councillor Ritesh Maharaj said this was a positive sign considering the challenges farmers faced in hiring labourers.

“In my area of Tikilo and Vunivere, about 80 per cent of cane has been harvested and it is good progress,” he said.

“The farmers faced a lot of challenges this season and couldn’t find labourers but they have done well in cutting about 80 per cent of the cane.

“Other challenges they faced were the high cost of transportation from the farms to the mill.”

Mr Maharaj added that at the beginning of the season, the farmers also could not afford to pay the $20 per tonne to labourers.

“The rate of paying cane cutters was $20 a tonne and that is too much because we have to buy food as well,” he said.

“So what we did was get all the farmers to work together and use the labourers that were in the area.

“No doubt they achieved well and we are all happy that the 200 farmers in my area will be able to supply all their cane to the mill.”

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