Farmers counting their losses after torrential rain

SEVERAL days of torrential rain and flooding have added to the hardships faced by farmers in Seaqaqa after the effects of Tropical Cyclone Josie over the weekend.

Sugarcane farmer Roselyn Bi said most of her 400 tonnes of cane was affected by the strong winds and heavy rain.

“This is one of the worst cyclones ever, even though there was no damage done to houses.

“The strong winds alone have destroyed most of my cane,” she said.

Mrs Bi said she had put fertiliser on her farm, but all have been washed away.

“Right now we are just hoping for good weather,” she said.

“The road to our farms was under water, covering half the cane fields.”

She said she would have to wait for the good weather to help her recover from her loses.

“This is going to be one tough job and I just hope this continuous heavy rain stops any time this week,” she said.

Another farmer, Ravindra Ram, said he lost 300 tonnes of cane.

“My whole farm was under water,” he said.

“We can only ask for good weather now and hope for the best.”

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