Farmer notices decline in sales

Moape Navuasese. Picture: VILIAME RAVAI

Moape Navuasese leaves his Nabukaluka, Naitasiri, home at around 4am everyday, in a bid to reach the Sawani containment border at 5am.

“I try to get there early, so I can be the first one to sell my produce at the border,” the 45-year-old grandfather said.

“The fare from my home to the border is $5 one way and for every bundle of dalo I bring, I have to pay $1.”

Mr Navuasese said last week was the most challenging because none of the food stalls were allowed to open because of COVID-19 cases.

“Most of us came here with empty stomachs, and we did not prepare meals for our stay here.

“I came to sell dalo, rourou and have not been able to sell anything.

“I feel sorry for the women because they also have not eaten.”

Mr Navuasese said farmers have noticed a decline in sales over the past few weeks.

“I think people are running out of money because not as many people come and buy from us now, compared to before.

“The bundles of dalo I used to sell for $20 are now $10 and if no one buys, I have no choice but to reduce them to $5.”

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