Farmer loses $20k worth of vegetables

Vishnu Prasad inspects his vegetable farm damaged by the recent floods at Mataniqara, Ba. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Vishnu Prasad, 65, of Mataniqara settlement in Ba says he has lost more than $20,000 worth of vegetables to Tropical Cyclone Cody.

Mr Prasad says rehabilitating his farm would take months.

“I had all of my vegetables on an eight-acre land and all of it got flooded,” he said.

“All of our seasonal vegetables like eggplants, bhindi, corn, long bean are all damaged and spoiled.

“I tried to save most of it but most of them I can’t sell.”

He said waiting for assistance would delay his recovery.

“I have no choice but to plant again.

“There is no other source of income for us so we have to plant again.

“If I wait for help, I won’t be able to harvest on time.

“I am at the mercy of the weather. This was a natural disaster that I could not control.

“What I can control is planting and starting again.”

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