Farmer admitted to Bar after struggle

THE struggling years of having to sell livestock with his parents to support his tertiary studies finally paid off for John Jainendra Prasad of Lojonia, Labasa, yesterday.

He was among the 20 lawyers who were admitted to the Bar before Chief Justice Anthony Gates at the High Court in Suva yesterday.

Mr Prasad, 27, had earlier taken a break from school to help his family save for his education.

“I come from an average family, my mother has worked for the past 29 years and my father worked for the past 37 years,” he said.

“I am grateful for their unwavering support; my church has been my foundation, both spiritually as well as in terms of my direction. I went through a lot of struggles during my studies.

“I started in 2010, and had to take a break because we had some financial difficulties.

“I had to help my parents sell live goats and pigs in order to earn money for my savings to help me get back with my studies.”

He said he was proud to be the first person from his extended family to have graduated in law and now admitted to the Bar.

Mr Prasad hopes to join the Legal Aid Commission in future.

“I want to serve the communities, people who go through hard times financially, I’ve been there and I know.”

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