Farm roads on ministry’s priority list

THE Agriculture Ministry will prioritise rehabilitation works on farm roads as per its work schedule in the 2017-2018 National Budget.

Responding to queries from farmers in the Bua and Cakaudrove provinces, Assistant Minister for Agriculture Viam Pillay said they completed about seven farm roads in the North last year.

Mr Pillay said they still had funding for the construction and rehabilitation of farm roads.

“We worked on a lot of farm roads around the four divisions in the country last year and I recently visited the newly-implemented farm roads in the North,” he said.

“They were in good condition and accessible by vehicles making it easier for farmers in rural areas to easily transport their produce.

“At the ministry, we do not have the powers to transform farm roads overnight because roads needing attention have to be identified before the degree of work needed to address the road can be assessed.

“Farmers must understand that once farm roads are included in the budget for either rehabilitation or construction, it comes under a list that will determine how we prioritise our projects because we have to deal with other needs in the three other divisions.”

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