FANCA football tourney begins tomorrow

Ba's Saula Waqa (15) places the ball past Nadi stopper Vereti Dickson to score Ba's third goal. Picture: SUPPLIED/Fiji FA

THE 2018 Digicel FANCA football tournament will start at the Churchill Park in Lautoka tomorrow.

Fiji Muslim Sports Association president Mohammed Rafiq said he was expecting for a successful competition.

“Everything is ready to go,” he said.

“It is a good opportunity for the teams to come and enjoy the football atmosphere.

“The tournament is going to be free for the the people to come and watch.”

1pm- Canada vs USA (Over 40), 2.15pm- Fiji vs New Zealand (Over 35), 3.30pm- Canada vs USA (Over 35), 5pm- parade, 5.15pm- Official Opening, 6.30pm- Australia vs New Zealand (Main Team), 7.45pm- Fiji vs USA (Main Team), 9pm- Fiji vs New Zealand (Over 40),


12.45pm- Australia vs New Zealand (Over 40), 2pm- USA vs Fiji (Over 40), 3.15pm- Canada vs New Zealand (Over-35), 4.30pm- Fiji vs USA (Over 35) Magrib Salaat
6.30pm- Australia vs USA (Main Team), 7.45pm- Fiji vs Canada (Main Team)

9.15am- Australia vs Canada (Main Team), 10.30am- USA vs New Zealand (Main Team), Juma Break, 2pm- New Zealand vs Canada (Over 40), 3.15pm- Fiji vs Australia (Over 40), 4.30pm- USA vs New Zealand (Over 35), Magrib Salat Break, 6.30pm- Canada vs USA (Main Team), 7.45pm- Fiji vs New Zealand (Main Team), 9pm- Canada vs New Zealand (Over 50)

8am- Fiji vs New Zealand (Over 50), 9am- New Zealand vs USA (Over 40), 10.15am- Australia vs Canada (Over 40), 11.30-am New Zealand vs Canada (Main Team), 12.45pm- Fiji vs Australia (Main Team), 2pm- Fiji vs Canada (Over 35), 3.15pm- Fiji vs Canada (Over 50), 4.30pm- Australia vs USA (Over 40), Magrib Salat Break, 6.30pm- Fiji vs Canada (Over 40), 7.45pm- Runner up vs third place (Main Team Semi-Final)

8.30am- Final PW vs Runner up (Over 50), 9.30am- Final PW vs Runner Up (Over 40), 10.45am- Final PW vs Winner (Over 35), 12noon- Tug of War, 1pm- Darulum/ Drasa vs Sabeto Madarsa, 2pm- Final PW vs Winner Game 30 (Main Team)

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