Family traumatised by alleged stabbing incident

Police officers at Nadonumai settlement in Lami yesterday. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

A two-year-old girl of Nadonumai in Lami is fighting for her life at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital while the teenager who allegedly knifed her is dead after a stabbing incident yesterday morning.

The girl’s grandmother, Maria Tekiteki, said at about 3am yesterday she was awoken by her granddaughter’s cry when she saw a teenager towering over her.

Ms Tekiteki said she was asleep with her husband and their granddaughter when the incident happened. “I shouted in terror ‘na tamata (a person)’.

At the same time my husband jumped from his side of the mattress to confront the man who already began scuffling with me,” she said.

“They continued into our living room and woke my 13-year-old daughter who was sleeping on the second floor of our house and as she ran down to see the commotion she switched the light on and I could see that the teenager was holding a knife,” she claimed.

“I was filled with terror as I realised that my granddaughter was crying because the teenager had slashed a side of her neck, making a gash.

“I had forgotten that the man had also slashed my head with his knife and I was bleeding too.”

Ms Tekiteki said she was worried about her daughter’s safety, who lunged at the intruder in her attempt to save her father. Her husband Viliame Naqelevuki claimed the attacker was a neighbour, adding that when their scuffle moved outside the house, the teenager ran away.

“I could hear my wife crying and that was when I realised that our granddaughter was badly wounded so I rushed her to hospital with my wife,” he said.

“Together with my wife we were treated at the hospital while my granddaughter had to be hospitalised because of her wounds which was more serious.

“The doctors told us that the knife had missed the main arteries on her neck but we are still worried and the whole family is still in shock.”

Meanwhile on the Fiji Police Force Facebook page, police confirmed the suspect, who was believed to be a teenager, was found dead after allegedly taking his own life.

Police said they were continuing investigations into the incident.

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