Family seeks help

A MAN who lost his home in a fire while he was away for work is pleading for assistance to rebuild.

Neel Kamal Chandra, 33, of Nabua in Suva was in Bua for construction work when he received the sad news from his wife about the fire in October.

Mr Chandra is a carpenter and, according to him, his weekly wages had forced his family to cope with whatever little he was earning.

“I don’t get that much pay, but I am faced with extra expenses like rent that I didn’t usually pay for before the fire,” he said.

“We are really having a hard time coping with all this. I have been to some government ministries and organisations for assistance, but I haven’t received any response from them yet.

“I seriously plead with the public, NGOs or any government ministry for any form of assistance and help for my family to get back on track with our daily lives.”

People who wish to help Mr Chandra and his family can contact him on mobile phone number 8451926.

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