Family proud of Rabi boxer

IT was a proud moment for the Ruata family on Rabi Island when Sina Ruata won a silver medal in boxing at the recent Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea.

In an interview with aunt Taugare Ruata, she said the family was very proud as they lived to see that their family sport was carried on to the next generation.

“Our father Ruata Teupo was a very famous boxer during his time and seeing that a descendant of his is playing this sport is a reassurance to the family that his legacy lives on,” Taugare said.

“Boxing has always been considered a family sport from the past and his participation has brougt the family name back to the limelight.

“We are very very proud of him and I know that when he is out there, not only is he representing our family but also his village of Tabiang on the island of Rabi.”

Taugare said her nephew Sina grew up in Suva and had never visited his island home.

“Sina has never been to the island but we keep a very close contact with him and his siblings,” she said.

“He has done us very proud and we are glad that he has taken up the sport.

“Sina was always a hardworking boy that we were always proud of.”

Taugare said she had contacted Sina’s maternal grandparents from Tabiang Village residing in Suva and they had prepared a feast to welcome their boy back home.

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