Family planning

The focus in the Pacific is on family planning during today’s World Population day.

The day has been marked in nearly 100 countries since 1990 with this year’s edition carrying the theme family planning: empowering people, developing nations.

Koffi Kouame from the UN Population Fund in PNG said the theme reflected their local programming which encourages young women to complete their education and have a quality life rather than give birth at an early age.

Mr Kouame said there were many population challenges in PNG.

“PNG, we are the biggest population in the Pacific island countries and our population growth rate of about 3.1 per cent is very high. Every 25 years we double our population and it is a huge challenge for us this country and it’s important for the team to make ensure we provide the information to our people to understand the issues of family planning,” he said.

Mr Kouame said from 2018 the focus in PNG would move from family planning to sex education in schools.

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