Family of 12 lose home in afternoon fire

Lia Mareta with her three children standing in front of the charred remains of their home at Cunningham. Picture: ROHIT DEO

A FAMILY of 12 is now pondering their future after they lost all their household items when their three-bedroom home was completely destroyed in a fire this afternoon.

Lia, Mareta, 32, of Church Street in Cunningham Stage One, could not hold back her tears as she explained how hard it would be for her family to get over the fact that they had lost basically everything they had worked hard for.

Mrs Mareta’s 12 year old daughter was left her children with her sickly elder sister at home this afternoon to go and buy school uniform for her son.

She was at a shop when she received a call from a family member advising her of the incident.

She said she was happy that despite losing everything, no one got injured or lost their lives.

“My sister said she was woke up from her sleep and saw flames coming out of one of the bedrooms. She took all the kids and rushed out. She has just been discharged from hospital as she has a jaw infection,” Mrs Mareta told Fiji Times Online.

“We have lost more than $300,000 worth of belongings. We had two separate sets of appliances in the house,” she claimed.

“Everything is gone. My sister was about to start her grog business and she had a lot of yaqona in her room. Everything is gone.”

Mrs Mareta, her husband and five kids, and her elder sister, husband and grandchildren all lived together in the house.

She said they would stay at her brother’s place while they rebuilt their home.

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