Family first for mothers

Vani Di Tukana with Kalesi Vitoto and Luisa Bulewa prepare to dive for fresh water mussels at Sigatoka river. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE country’s election preparations are not a priority for some Sigatoka people — they are more concerned about putting food on the table and sending their children to school.

Luisa Bulewa, Kalesi Vitoto and Vani Ditukana of Nadrala Village in Nadroga are market vendors at the Sigatoka market and sell fresh water mussels (kai) daily for their survival.

While they have a fair idea of the candidate they want to vote for on November 14, they said their main concern at the present time was to earn money to feed their families.

The three ladies spend at least three hours a day in the Sigatoka River diving for mussels while the rest of the day is spent at the market, trying to sell what they’ve collected.

Survival has been a constant struggle for them over the past couple of years and they want a better life for their families and their children.

When questioned on their views of the coming election, they said: “We are ready to vote, we will just go with the flow.”

They added that they are supporting their own village son Iliesa Delana, who has earned himself a FijiFirst ticket in the coming election.

The ladies also acknowledged the free bus fare scheme, the Homes-Care and Farms-Care schemes which eased their burdens somewhat.

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