Family counts lucky stars

Baram Deo, 64, could only think of grabbing his one-year-old grandson and wife when he heard crashing sounds behind his house.

He was at home with his 52-year-old wife and grandson on Wednesday night when the incident happened.

The landslide crushed and buried part of his house.

He said they could only count their lucky stars as they were still alive today.

Mr Deo said about 1am on Wednesday, they were fast asleep when he heard a loud bang at the rear wall of their home.

“I stood up, ran to the sitting room to look through the dining room because that is where the sound came from,” he said.

“Imagine my horror when through my mobile phone light I saw our dining room had been detached from the sitting room and the whole structure which also used to contain our kitchen, bathroom and toilet had been literally crumbled.

“I quickly woke my wife, Maya Wati and grabbed my grandson, Pranish Deo who had been with us since his birth.

“We had to run five metres to the nearest house through the heavy rain to our neighbour’s place.”

Ms Wati said they had nothing to live on and were seeking assistance from good Samaritans and donors.

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