Woman tells of daily struggles

Laisani Bisi (right) with two-year-old daughter Adi Merelesita Sevu using buckets and basin to wash her family's clothes in Nacula village. Picture: Repeka Nasiko

LAISANI Bisi draws water from three different sources at Nacula Village on Nacula Island in Yasawa every morning to take care of her family.

She spends her mornings carting water from a nearby well to wash her family’s clothes and kitchen utensils before drawing water from a tap to cook breakfast.

She says the village, which is made of 53 households, relies on a 5000-litre tank for drinking water.

“If it doesn’t rain enough, we will have to boil water from the dam for drinking. Most of the time, it’s rainwater that we depend on.”

She said for her family, a newly-constructed well provided some relief.

“If we didn’t have the well, we would be using the water from the village dam which is not safe, especially in this dry weather.

The dam has to be given some time to refill before we can use it again.”

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