Families relocate

SEVEN of the 25 families living along the Natabua foreshore will be relocated to a piece of land in Wairabetia to make way for a multi-million dollar business venture that will be headed by Lautoka-based Diesel Refinery (Fiji) Ltd.

Company group executive Anwa Khan said families would be financially assisted during the relocation.

He said 25 families would live on the 12-acre piece of land the business would operate from.

He assured the remaining 18 families will also be assisted when required to relocate.

“In the current situation, they are casual dwellers as in they don’t have a proper lease,” he said.

“But in their new land, they will be given residential leases and we are assisting them from the planning stages of their new homes and give them about $2000 cash to assist in the construction of their home and lease purchase.

“We just received the green light from the Department of Lands and we are going ahead with the move.

“This relocation process will cost us about $100,000.

“With the 18 households, we are still in the negotiation stages and we have a number of other things to sort out.

“We will be having a meeting with officials from the iTaukei Land Trust Board to identify certain areas where we can move them to.”

Lands department divisional senior officer West Ilaitia Navunisaravi confirmed a lease had been issued.

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