Families clean up

Selai Camaibau panicked when she heard the Navua River had burst its banks on Sunday.

A nurse by profession, she was on duty at the new Navua Hospital at Namelimeli, along the Queens Rd.

Her family resides at a staff quarters located at the old Navua hospital compound, which is a short distance from the Navua River.

“I was at work at the Navua Hospital and one of the patients told me that the Navua River was drastically rising so I called home to check if they were OK,” she said.

“That was 12.30pm.

“I kept on calling my husband because I wanted to make sure they were fine.

“I couldn’t do my work properly because I was worried and travelled by car but floodwaters had inundated the road leading to Navua Town from the main highway.

“I was so desperate and lost hope when I saw my house under water. But then again I was thankful for the lives of my family because all these household items can be replaced.”

The 47-year-old said by the time she reached home her three children and her husband had already fled to safety.

Meanwhile, when a team from this newspaper travelled to Navua late on Sunday afternoon, most families were already trying to clear floodwaters from their homes as water level had receded.

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