Families benefit from project

SIXTEEN families are now successfully working under the People’s Community Network’s (PCN) agriculture program in Lomaivuna, Naitasiri.

PCN national director Semiti Qalowasa said these 16 families were identified under their community outreach program, with the confidence they would succeed under the program.

“We then identify people’s strengths from the different communities that we serve and move them to certain projects that we have that best suits them,” Mr Qalowasa said.

“We either move them to Jittu settlement for the new housing assistance, or we move them to Lomaivuna in Naitasiri, where we have farms there for our agriculture project.

“We offer two years of training for those farmers who qualify to be at our Lomaivuna Farms.

“After this training program, we then give them a house and a two-acre piece of land.”

Mr Qalowasa said PCN had continued to empower communities to use their skills to initiate positive change in their lifestyle.

“Most of the people in the community have actually started to call out to the authorities not to feel pity for them, but to give them the opportunity to participate with the authorities in their own development works.”

“We came up with this initiative to help boost people’s engagement in socioeconomic empowerment.

“The community are ready for engagement, but is the Government ready to work with them?

“One thing is participation, the other is consulting and then you dictate what for them to do.

“What we wanted the Government of the day and donors to realise is that it’s not about them deciding what the communities need to do, but to work with them in discussing about how any development is going to benefit everyone involved in that particular community.”

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