‘Fall’ to athletics

FORMER Pacific fastest man Banuve Tabakaucoro inspired Mustafa Fall to take up athletics and it has brought him to the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia.

“I started off as a sprinter as I always wanted to run,” he said.

“Banuve inspired me to take up athletics as he was my senior at Marist Brothers’ High School. I always wanted to be like him and even I tried to walk in his footsteps.

“I kept trying each and every event in the athletics until I found discus and shotput to be my main event.”

Fall, 23, said he had been enjoying his athletics career.

He threw 43.50 metres in the final of the 2018 Commonwealth Games discus final at the Carrara Stadium in Gold, Coast Australia.

He came 12th in the event.

“In 2010, I used to live on the island in Kadavu and I heard the commentary on the radio when Banuve was running in the Coca-Cola Games,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we did not have any television set back then apart from the radio which was my best friend back then. I used to listen to it every day and I did not know anything about the Coca-Cola Games and suddenly it caught my attention.

“I got inspired with the way the commentator was expressing and describing his run on the track. It was a motivation for me and then I got into athletics.”

Fall said he was thankful to the coaches and his family for their support in his athletics career.

“It was my first Commonwealth Games and I have really enjoyed it and I am honoured,” he said.

“I am blessed.

“I was born in the US and came to Fiji and it is special for me since I had always lived in Fiji so I am a Fijian.

“No words can explain how special being a Fijian is and playing for the country.”

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