Faithful subscribers

A GOOD proportion of the populace of Fiji look forward to watching rugby on TV, whether it be 7s, Super Rugby, NPC, Six Nations or whatever.

Many of us faithfully subscribe to Sky Pacific knowing full well that apart from the BBC, CNN, and one or two other channels, the rest of the programs that are forced upon us by Sky Pacific range from brain numbing to outright dumb.

There are many rugby followers who don’t even bother renewing their monthly subscription until the HSBC 7s tournaments begin, and then there are people like my wife and I who are willing to put up with the pain of watching dumb just so long as we get to watch Super Rugby.

However, that’s all about to change because Sky Pacific is now telling us that we may not be able to watch Super Rugby this year.

What a crying shame, we may as well join the rest of the field and only join in when there is a HSBC 7s tournament to watch.

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