Faith in God saves man

HE remembers hearing a cracking sound and in a blink of an eye, watched the roof of his house get lifted by strong winds separating it from the walls that remained.

For 73-year-old Sekove Wasi of Nalovu settlement in Cakaudrove, who has lived through many cyclones including Hurricane Bebe, last weekend’s experience of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston proved to him that there was a God in control.

He said his life was spared because he trusted in God.

And as he recalled that treacherous Saturday night, Mr Wasi, who sat in the dark surrounding of his living room said the tormenting echoes of Severe TC Winston frightened him so much that his legs were glued to the floors of his house.

“Au sega ni vakabauta vakadua niu se bula tikoga nikua baleta na cagi e kaukauwa na bogi ya. (I still can’t believe that I am alive today because the winds were so strong on Saturday night),” he said.

“Da sa raica ga kina na liga ni kalou ni veitaqomaki ena ganuna ni cagilaba. (We can just see the hand of God protecting us during the cyclone).”

With weak knees, Mr Wasi struggled to stand up. He said when he got up, his son helped him to the evacuation centre which took him about 10 minutes.

He said for the younger generation, it only took them a minute to walk to the centre which was the CMF church.

But for him, because of his age and weak knees, it took him 10 minutes and as he walked, he prayed and asked Jesus for protection.

“Au rogoca e levu naka ni veivukayaki ia au sega ni mavoa. Au laveta ga na yacai Jisu. (I heard a lot of things flying around but I didn’t get hurt and I just lift the name of Jesus),” Mr Wasi said.

He added that when he got to the centre where his family was, they all got to their knees and prayed thanking God for his protection.

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