Factions within SODELPA want Rabuka to step down

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka. Picture: FT FILE

THERE are factions within the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) that want party leader Sitiveni Rabuka to step down.

Mr Rabuka said the factions would rather destroy the party than see him lead.

“There are factions within the party that would rather burn it to the ground than see me lead; and to them I say, this fight is not about your or my individual aspirations, but about our united vision for a better tomorrow,” he said.

Mr Rabuka said the great Abraham Lincoln quoted Jesus when he said, “a house divided cannot stand”.

“And I believe that we are at the crossroads where SODELPA must either unite as a victorious party or die as individuals, and the smaller parties should join in our efforts or die as small parties.”

Supporting Mr Rabuka, the party’s provisional candidate Lynda Tabuya said the factions wanted to remove Mr Rabuka and take over leadership as was clearly seen in the motions brought up during the party’s AGM two weeks ago.

“As our party leader has mentioned, they would rather burn this party to the ground than see him lead. But our support base is enormous,” Ms Tabuya said.

“I stand behind the party leader’s statements about the irresponsibility of comments made by a senior member of the party (during the AGM).

“On one hand, you had the full transparent and democratic process of voting for various motions at the AGM, but on the other hand, you also had various factions using our annual meeting platform to try and tear the party down by bringing nothing constructive to the table.

“This isn’t an isolated incident either. There have been consistent attempts to quietly undermine Rabuka’s leadership from the beginning.”

She said the overwhelming support for the party leader during the AGM showed that the party supporters needed to either get behind the party leader and unite or leave the party altogether.

“This is all a distraction though, the real focus should be on the awesome job our opposition MPs are doing in Parliament showing how this budget doesn’t care about poor families.”