Facility receives funding

An overseas medical specialist with local patients at The Mission at Natuvu Creek. Picture: SUPPLIED

A RECENT assistance of $5000 received by the Mission at Natuvu Creek health facility in Buca Bay, Cakaudrove from the Tappoo Group will help boost the mission’s reach and capability to assist Fijians.

The facility was established to serve the rural people of Fiji with a clinic that continued to offer an expanding array of worldclass medical services.

In addition, the funding would also help the mission in its plans for the construction of a secondary school that would be scholarship-based and offer excellence in education while enabling children in the Buca Bay area to stay with their families than travel to the cities.

A statement from the mission said it also promoted job training and income opportunities through the development of grassroots industries such as tourism, coconut harvesting, and food production.

“We continue to provide world-class medical services through overseas specialists that travel to the mission and offer to stay and offer their services to the locals,” the statement said.

“The mission serves as a base for visiting individuals, families, and teams seeking to serve the people of Fiji and enjoy Fiji’s unspoiled beauty.”

“It also promotes spiritual growth through teaching and counselling.”

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