‘Eye injuries due to assault’

DOMESTIC violence has been cited as a cause of eye injury among women who were treated by international surgeons at the Taveuni Rotary Club Eye Project.

In an interview, New Zealand surgeon Dr David Pendergrast said this was quite a common issue with women who presented themselves for surgeries.

“When you ask a man on how they injured their eyes, they will say it’s from rugby, but when you ask a woman how they injured their eyes, they will say that their husbands hit their eyes,” he said.

“To be honest, it is unfortunate that the most common thing we see in women is that they injured their eyes as a result of domestic violence.

“So domestic violence is definitely a contributing factor as it damages the eye tissues and I have treated those cases here on Taveuni but these women travel from around Fiji.”

Dr Pendergrast said it was important for women to know immediate home remedies for eye injuries if they could not get to a hospital quick enough.

He said this was imperative because there have been some untreatable eye cases received at the project, which were heartbreaking.

“People should know that using milk because it is stored in a bottle or box is good for the eye, to treat the injury as soon as possible,” he said.

“But you still need to go to the hospital to see a medical doctor.”

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