Extend the life of your shoes with polish

The durability of your shoe life depends on how well you take care of it, and polishing is part of this maintenance work. Polishing shoes also saves you money and can have a positive effect on your career. The cashmoneylife.com website shares information on why polishing your shoes should be done wholeheartedly because it is very rewarding.

Polishing shoes can save you money — shoe polish protects and extends the life of your shoes. Shoe polish is usually a wax or oil based product and a regular coat of polish will provide some waterproofing protection and keep dirt, oils, stains and other substances from getting ingrained into the leather of your shoes.

These foreign substances quickly degrade the leather quality and ultimately ruin the shoes.

Polish helps prevent scuffs and scrapes from ruining the leather, and can also have a moisturising effect on the leather which also helps to extend the life of your shoes. Unpolished leather shoes easily get scuffed, scraped, dried out and eventually cracks.

Good for your career — polished shoes say something about a man or woman, and studies have shown that dress and appearance is a major factor in a first impression, and we all know that the first impression is often the lasting one.

How often should you polish your shoes?

Polish your shoes as needed, which is usually once a month with regular wear. In between wearing, you should wipe off accumulated dust and dirt to keep them looking clean and new. You can also buff them with your shoe brush or rag to bring back the shine.

What you need to polish your shoes:

* A jar of shoe polish.

* Rag

* Shoe brush

How to polish your shoes

* Lay a layer of newspaper or a plastic garbage bag to prevent polish from getting everywhere on your work surface.

* Clean the shoe by brushing away any dust, oil or dirt. If shoes are very dirty, clean them with a moist rag and allow them to dry before polishing.

* Apply a small amount of polish in circular motion using a soft, thin rag with a few drops of water on shoes that have cracks.

* Spread the polish using a shoe brush to complete the job.

The benefits are many, the cost is little, so polish your shoes!

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