Expo to showcase product

THE quality of rum produced made in Fiji is on par with international standards.

Paradise Beverages Fiji, the country’s leading alcohol producer, held a rum expo in Nadi on Monday night, showcasing the different varieties of rum made by the company.

Rum development manager Liam Costello said the event was important as it helped stakeholders know and understand the products better.

The company is known for producing Bounty Rum and has recently added the Ratu and Bati labels to the rum collection as well.

“The importance of doing things like this is to bring all of our partners along on the journey with us,” he said.

“All people here serve our rum to their guests and all guests from overseas so this is how we get our exposure.

“When they understand what we are doing, they take it and show it to visitors and tourists. The tourists then enjoy it, they go to our duty-free outlets and they buy it, take it back to their country and it’s creating that first impression that becomes a lasting impression where they search for our products and it is very important.”

Mr Costello said the company, which is known for producing Bounty Rum, had also added the Ratu and Bati labels to the rum collection.

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