Expert calls on authorities to analyse Samabula river

The Cunningham river turns a bright milky green in broad daylight. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THERE is an urgent need for authorities to do an analysis of water samples from the Samabula River in Nabua, Suva as nearby residents could be exposed to pollution.

This is the view of University of the South Pacific’s School of Marine Studies Deputy Head of School (Learning and Teaching) Dr Marta Ferreira in light of the recent discharge of a mysterious substance into the river from a pipe.

Dr Marta said they had not identified what the deposits were because they have not visited the river, but she added it was clear that something had been released into the river.

She said these deposits would certainly have a negative impact to the ecosystem.

Dr Marta said there was also a need for nearby residents to stay away from the river.

“My message to the nearby communities would be to refrain from the use of those waters if they detect unusual substances like this,” she said.

“More monitoring of the rivers, and identification of the pollution sources; including actions to recovery of the potential negative impacts.

“I believe that there is urgency needed. Analysis of the water needs to be done to identify the substance. The communities might be exposed to pollution without knowing.”

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