Exercise and health

It is encouraging that the Police Commissioner is taking action to improve the health and fitness of the police force.

Also, religious leaders have belatedly begun to understand the importance and responsibility of helping people to improve their health rather than simply praying for the sick.

When I lived in Fiji (1994-2004), people I knew kept dropping dead early because of conditions which could have been prevented by exercise and a better diet.

Since I returned to the US, more people I knew in Fiji have dropped dead early.

That is especially tragic since most of those deaths could easily have been prevented.

Some women in Fiji state that they are afraid to walk for exercise because they might be attacked. That fear may be legitimate in some cases, but often it is greatly exaggerated. The danger of being attacked must be balanced against the often greater danger of health damage resulting from insufficient exercise.

Other people say they lack time for exercise. I ask them, “If you die early or become disabled from insufficient exercise, how much time have you saved by not exercising?”.

For me, exercise and diet are practically obsessions and as I approach 80, I am still quite healthy.

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