‘Excellent display of precision’

Students of Dudley High School at the parade. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

A Total of 1030 students marched with pride during Dudley High School’s first cadet passing-out parade after 120 years at Albert Park in Suva last week.
Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto said the students had set a very high standard for those who planned to take up cadet training in the years to come.
“We have just witnessed an excellent display of precision of cohesiveness and team work and a very well executed parade format as a first-year cadet school you have set a very high standard for those that will take up cadet training in years to come,” Rear Admiral Naupoto said.
Rear Admiral Naupoto said as a result of the cadet training, those who received their uniforms still displayed an excellent parade.
“I know the story about your uniforms this morning, that it was late but when the uniforms came in late, I just want you to think back very quickly to how you reacted and even though it was late you had to work hard get yourself into your uniform and come in and show us a very smart looking parade and displayed an excellent parade,” he said.
“That’s the outcome of cadet training because that is life. The training that you have just completed is not meant to turn you into navy sailors or soldiers even though you might want to take up that field as a career in the future.”
Rear Admiral Naupoto said cadet training was intended to not only instil values like discipline and obedience, it also instilled a sense of pride within the students.
“The training is also intended to instil pride and a sense of patriotism for your school and that should transfer to patriotism for your country and I can tell you that standing there you should be proud to be a member of Dudley High School,” he said.

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