Ex-soldier has enough food planted

Olive Basant (left) helps her grandfather Jone Ratubalevu repair an enclosure for their cows at Kasavu in Naitasiri on Monday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Former soldier Jone Ratubalevu is happy with whatever he has as it is enough for his family to survive on during this pandemic.

The 58-year-old Naitisiri resident said after his retirement in 2018, he did not want to stress himself by doing commercial farming.

“I was an army officer before and after retirement, I just planted vegetables to cater for my family’s needs and raise some cattle for personal pleasure,” he said.

He said the lockdown didn’t affect his family as they were used to eating vegetables from their farm.

“Before retirement, I used to do commercial farming but now, I just plant for our own consumption.”

He said feeding his family was his main focus during this lockdown.

“Despite having enough food for my family, this lockdown has affected my work as I can’t go to the various ministries to get information about cattle.

“I also wanted to get some things such as manure and other things needed for the healthy growth of my vegetables but was confined to stay within my containment area.”

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