Ex-cop stands for justice

Vunidogo. Picture: LUISA QIOLEVU.

Vunidogo. Picture: LUISA QIOLEVU.

RETIRED police officer Kavai Vunidogo believes that justice should be strengthened in the country.

For this very reason, he has opted to contest the upcoming general election under the National Federation Party banner.

“I stand for justice and another reason I am in this political race is to have the privilege of being allowed to share and spread an awareness that Fiji needs us now more than ever to unite,” Mr Vunidogo said.

“We also need to ensure that there’s more need or room for transparency and accountability so our people could live peacefully and in harmony with one another. I believe and feel that our media needs to be given more freedom with added responsibility.

“I would like to see people promoted on merit and not loyalty alone and I believe that the National Federation Party can bring about the ideal changes and improvements required,” Mr Vunidogo said.

Mr Vunidogo, who hails from Nakorotiti Village in Bua, said he would stand for his people in Bua. “We should stand up for the change in order to provide a better future for all.”

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