Evacuees move into churches

ABOUT 50 people from the California Lovu Seaside settlement in Lautoka had to move to the Coronation Church after being told to move out of the Lautoka Primary School on Wednesday.

Settlement spokesperson Pastor Manueli Sovau said they could not move back to their homes because their houses were still soiled from floodwaters.

“Most of our belongings are still wet,” he said.

“Our clothes, our beds and our household items. Some of our homes had their roofs removed so we can’t go back right now.”

Mr Sovau said many of the residents had relocated to churches.

“Some of us went to a church in Lovu and another group came to Coronation.

“We’ve asked the church if we could stay for another two days and return home on Saturday.”

He said some of the residents were disappointed that they were requested to move back to their homes a day after Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni hit.

“At the moment, none of us can go back home.

“Some people stayed in their houses because they had people who were elderly or who were bedridden and they could not move.

“So we are trying to help them clean up too.”

He said most of the homes at the settlement were inundated with floodwaters on Tuesday.

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