Euthanasia an option

stray dog control campaign saw a total of 682 stray dogs captured during the eight weeks of campaign. Picture: FILE

DOGS deemed unsuitable for rehoming options, or other logistical reasons such as lack of shelter space will die by euthanasia upon capture.

A government statement said this was the consensus reached when the Ministry of Agriculture met veterinary organisations and stakeholders last week to determine long-term solutions towards the country’s stray dog issue

The meeting highlighted the objectives of an eight-week stray dog control campaign, where the current approach of increased awareness on stray dogs and its related laws will take precedence.

Awareness material will be provided as the need for an informed public was essential to curbing stray dog numbers.

“Current approaches also include door-to-door licensing enforcement and registration, trapping, rehoming and adoption as it was recognised that stray dogs were a national issue and would require the co-operation of all stakeholders to address,” the statement said.

“The stray dog campaign is recognised as a short-term strategy in addressing the stray dog issue with commitments reiterated by all stakeholders that animal welfare would not be compromised during the campaign.

“The support of veterinary organisations was also assured during the meeting through immediate veterinary assistance to help assess trapped dogs’ health status and temperament, which the SPCA already assists with, the rehoming and adoption option for eligible dogs and neutering of dogs in Nadi and Lautoka areas for the foreseeable future.”

The meeting was attended by representatives of Vet Essentials Animal Doctors in Lami, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Animals Fiji, PASH Fiji and the Fiji Police Force.

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