eTransport records 110m taps in first 11 months

Vodafone Fiji chief marketing officer Rajnesh Prasad and Vodafone Regional chief executive officer Pradeep Lal during a press conference earlier last month. Picture: JONA KONATACI/FILE

IN the first 11 months since its launch, the eTransport system has recorded over 110 million “taps”, averaging around ten million taps per month.

Out of this, an average of $11 million were spent monthly by commuters on eTransport top-ups since the rollout of the initiative last year.

This was revealed by Vodafone Regional chief executive officer Pradeep Lal in a press conference earlier today.

“With over 100 million successful taps on the books and tend more million dollars’ worth of top ups recorderd every month, eTransport has played a major role in moving our transportation sector into the 21st century.” Mr Lal said.

Over 1,300 agents throughout the country are providing top up services for eTicketing.

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