Eticket issue

My Monday morning was a bit more active than normal as I ventured around Nakasi with my aunt to top up her eticket card.

We went to the five shops within a kilometre from home only to find that none could help us because they all had broken machines.

It was very frustrating for the both of us but she was fortunate that I could drive her around from shop to shop or she would have walked all the way in the rain.

When we got to the fifth and last shop, which was yet to open, there were other people in the same predicament lining at the door.

When it finally opened they were frustrated even more to find out that the shop’s machine was also broken. My aunt did not want to purchase a disposable card of $2 because her return fare would only be $1.40 and she would lose 40 cents since the lowest possible fare is 70 cents.

A lady there also felt the same way so I gave her a lift to work and also listened to her complain about the new system and daylight saving and the hardships it’s caused her.

I have sent in my submission and I’ll repeat it again: Bring in a dual system. I believe we are not ready for a cashless society and a system such as this is now being forced down our throats with little breathing space.

I love the concept of eticketing but please implement it the right way.

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