Envoy visits Yat Sen School

Yat Sen Primary School students during the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Zhou Jian’s visit at the school in Flagstaff, Suva yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

YAT Sen School is a Chinese school with the longest history, strength and outstanding achievements in the South Pacific.

These were the words of the new People’s Republic of China’s Ambassador, Zhou Jian to students of Yat Sen Secondary School and Yat Sen Primary School yesterday. “Chinese people have the tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education,” Mr Jian said.

Jian shares a moment with students during
his visit yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

“By overcoming unimaginable difficulties, our forefathers of the Chinese community in Fiji founded the Chinese Primary School for their offspring to carry on the ethnic heritage and values in the 1930s. “Thence after the school has become the cradle to disseminate Chinese culture.”

He said visiting the prestigious school and meeting the vigorous youths, he couldn’t help but think of his golden days as a secondary school teacher in China 36 years ago. “It feels like going home, so intimate and uplifting,” he said. He said education was a long-term endeavor.

People’s Republic of China’s Ambassador to
Fiji, Zhou Jian chats with Yat Sen Primary
School students as head teacher Manjila
Singh looks on. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

“With unparalleled strength, Yat Sen School shoulders an important mission in the development and revitalisation of Fiji,” he said.

He urged students to make use of their understanding of Chinese culture and to visit China in person, so they can one day present a real Fiji to Chinese people and to present a real China to Fijian people. “By building a bridge of friendship, you may help to promote China-Fiji cooperation and bring more tangible benefits to Fiji,” he told the students.

The Ambassador before the assembly also had a chance to visit both the schools and was informed about the school’s academic progress. He also handed over some computers for the school and presented certificates to the 2023 Beijing Model UN participants.

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