Envoy: Build relationships against crime

JAPAN’S ambassador to Fiji Masahiro Omura said communities involved in crime prevention initiative was a good way to build relationships within communities and with police.

Mr Omura made this comment at the launch of the Oneata and Moce St crime prevention initiative launch at St Agnes Primary School in Suva yesterday.

While addressing members of the community and representatives of government organisations, he drew the prospect of the outcome if every community undertook such initiatives.

“Those who contribute to strengthening the fight against crime at the national level, you can just imagine if every community takes up your initiative of crime prevention. After combining with the efforts of the police, it would make a formidable force against crime,” Mr Omura said.

“This would reinforce the Fiji Police Force’s efforts in combating crime for the country at large. This is why the Oneata and Moce St crime prevention neighbourhood watch launch today (yesterday) signifies unity and solidarity of this community towards preventing crime.”

He added such initiatives strengthened the bond among community members as they looked out for one and another.

“Such initiatives add vigilance among people and also strengthen bonds within communities, in modern times where our neighbours barely know each other, this initiative compels each other to cooperate and even keep a lookout on the premises of neighbours,” he said.

“Crime is an undesirable reality of life, in every society of every country to tackle crime we need support from all sectors of our society. “

Mr Omura said such initiatives also built good relationships between the people and police.

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