Environment crime is a multibillion dollar industry: Wycliffe

Permanent Secretary for Waterways and Environment Joshua Wycliffe (left) with Director Environment, Sandeep Singh during a workshop in Suva. Picture: RAMA/FILE

ENVIRONMENT crime is a multibillion dollar industry throughout the world, says Ministry of Waterways and Environment permanent secretary Joshua Wycliffe.

While speaking at the enforcement training for border control officers for ozone depleting substances in Suva last week, he said no region in the world was left unexposed.

“All regions are vulnerable, no region, no country is insulated from these kind of crimes. It is a global problem, and has wide implications on natural and international security, socially and economic development, global health, biodiversity and habitat at large,” Mr Wycliffe said.

“Pollution of air, water and land, extinction of wildlife and depletion of natural resources will evoke unprecedented issues of security of all nations.”

He said the ministry through the Department of Environment would continue providing support to the customs and border protection officers to ensure that none of the ozone depleting substances (ODS) or the ODS reliant goods entered the country and that it would always comply with the national laws to fulfil Fiji’s obligation to the international community.

Meanwhile, the training was aimed at providing the officers the skills necessary to monitor and control the import and export of depletion substances.

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