Entrepreneurs motivated to develop business career

PARTICIPANTS at the University of the South Pacific (USP) entrepreneurial/small micro-enterprise initiative (SME) have been motivated to develop their business career after being part of the workshop.

A participant Seorn Thomas, who operates his own business, said the workshop allowed him to reassess his business and try to look at things differently.

“It actually prompted me to look at what I am doing now and the challenging that I am having. The solution that I came up with was that I need to change my business model and makes me think of taking a business loan and hiring people,” he said.

Mr Thomas said he was operating his business by himself and one of the challenges he faced was when he worked with corporate organisations because sometimes they asked for the people that he worked with.

“The only way to fix it is to remodel and expand and coming to this workshop, hearing about the initiatives that Government is doing with loans and budget for new business ventures.

“This is something that I will go into because I always try to refrain myself from taking a business loan but now I am sort of building more confidence in business market,” said Mr Thomas.

Meanwhile, the business adviser production and productivity specialist for Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) David Sutherland, said the workshop also helped participants to assess their businesses and to develop a business plan.

“The highlight is to be able to share with aspiring entrepreneurs or businesspeople the fact that there is support out there, support organisations, support business and people particularly with the counsel who are offering mentorship and guidance for people in new business,” he said.

The workshop was co-organised by PIPSO and USP and it was attended by more than 40 participants.

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