Entrepreneur diversifies into a new business venture

Kamni Narayan attends to customer Tetera Jowan Newton at Eternity Hair & Beauty Salon at the Hub Waiyavi, Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Mention the name Kamini Narayan if you are in the west, and many would immediately link her to the Greater Good Foundation and her love for dogs.

Her love for animals is legendary and her passion for man’s best friend knows no equal.

However, when COVID-19 hit, Ms Narayan and her business partner, who prefers to remain anonymous, decided to diversify into something completely different.

They decided to establish a hair care business called Eternity Hair and Beauty Salon – located at The Hub – the Sugar City’s newest retail centre.

“Apart from our love for dogs, we also both share a passion for transforming women’s and girls looks just by doing something different with their hair,” Ms Narayan said.

“Far too often, we see or hear about women and girls complaining of ‘tragedies’ caused by poor hair treatment.

“So we decided to channel our energies into providing a salon where they can come and sit at down and be assured they will receive the best possible look – something that suits them, something that is new and exciting and something they are comfortable with.”

Ms Narayan said diversifying into the hair business would not compromise their work with dogs.

“I have rescued so many dogs and stood up for dogs that were mistreated and that will continue.

“I have 26 dogs at the shelter at home and I still continue to feed strays whenever I can.

“Plus, we have made a commitment that 10 per cent of our total sales will be set aside to feed and medically care for stray dogs.”

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