Enter joint ventures, says FSC

FSC’s chief operating officer Navin Chandra. Picture: FT FILE

SUGARCANE growers should take advantage of joint venture opportunities with new investors if they want to improve cane production, says Fiji Sugar Corporation chief operating officer Navin Chandra.

He said new investors such as land preparation experts from India, Gurdip and Sons Enterprises Ltd, could help farmers increase their yield.

“These guys are specialists in land preparation,” he said.

“The two things that you need for a good crop is land preparation and good seeds, so working with Mr (Gurdip) Singh and his company will only be a good thing for farmers.

“They are bringing specialised equipment and they have been working in fields that need to be prepared.

“They have brought in the right kind of equipment so we need to utilise them.”

He said the land experts provided an innovative solution to land preparation which had been lacking in the industry.

“This is all part of the new things that we are introducing into the industry and we hope that our farmers take advantage of that.

“The farmers they have already worked with are very happy with their work and they are looking at carrying out our land preparation work on about 100 acres of land and they will work with FSC as well.”

Gurdip and Sons Enterprises Pte Ltd director Gurdip Singh said they continued to search for new partners that could hire the company to prepare their cane farm.

“We have the manpower and the technology and machines to carry out the work,” he said.

“We have seen the problem with manual labour and how difficult it is to hire people to come and do the work, but we want growers to know that we offer the solution to that problem.”

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