‘Ensure pristine setting’

KEEPING our environment clean and pristine should be at the core of every tourism-related industry because it is one of the main reasons people choose to come to Fiji for a holiday.

This was the message from Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association president Dixon Seeto to participants at the Fijian Tourism Talanoa in Nadi yesterday.

“With Fiji’s leadership at COP23, we are obligated to lead by example as our honourable prime minister is the president,” he said

“However, it is in the best interest of our livelihoods to have environmentally-sound business practices to ensure that our environment and oceans remain pristine as this is what we market and promote as the last pristine area of the globe to visit.”

Mr Seeto said when people discussed Fiji, it was always with the view that Fiji was a lush, green and clean Pacific island paradise.

“We need to keep that dream alive because that is what we are selling internationally,” he said.

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