Enormous impact on businesses in Suva

Government has allowed businesses that put forward clear COVID-safe operational plans to open their doors. Picture: FT FILE

The Suva Retailers Association is having discussions with the banks and the government as well looking for ways to help the businesses move forward once they reopen.

Association president Jitesh Patel said at the moment all their members were allowed to do on call and online sales only.

“This is part of the latest protocol announced by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport announced last week.

“And we thank them for allowing this,” he said.

In terms of impact on businesses Mr Patel said the impact was enormous as most businesses had been closed for the past seven weeks.

According to Mr Patel most of the businesses were still paying rent and making bank payments etc.

“Other than that most businesses had pre-ordered stock that is coming in now and payments need to done.

“We are urging the businesses to adapt to the new normal and use social media and online sales methods to do business till there is relaxation in the regulations to open up fully.”

Mr Patel also urged retailers to follow the regulations laid out by the authorities and restrict movement of people as much as they can.

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