English test

IT is indeed a shocker to read that 50 per cent of applicants for teaching vacancies who sat the first English Proficiency Test failed. The permanent secretary for the Ministry of Education confirmed that out of 3250 applicants for the 2545 vacancies, only 1627 passed the English test.

However, we are not told what the passing mark for this English test is because a set mark below 50 could be accepted as a pass mark.

The other point to consider is that not all those who sat the English test would be teaching English full time.

If those who will be teaching English failed this test, then this is a serious issue that needs to be fixed.

We in Fiji are lucky that the Education Department has gone back to the old system of having exams in schools, including students sitting for external exams.

Countries that move students up the ladder without having exams have students speaking in English, but when it comes to writing, they are pathetic.

In a nutshell, we all want our teachers in Fiji to be good in both written and spoken English.

I hope those who failed the test, pass it the second time around.

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