Engineering question

MAYBE somebody can help me know more about engineering.

Do our engineers working on road and infrastructure go to different schools then the engineers from NZ and Australia?

Do they read different books or do their tutors have another standard set for students of different countries?

If all is wrong and our engineers are really qualified and on par with NZ and Australia standards then they must be working for somebody who is not educated.

Please answer my questions:

1.) Why have they built a road from Nausori Town roundabout to Nausori Airport with a single lane and just few bus stops giving it a thought that it is going to airport and leading to Wainibokasi Hospital?

2.) More bus licences have been issued in between the Suva-Nausori corridor but the size of the bus stop is still same from colonial times. Half of the buses stop on the main road because the bus stop is already occupied by two (2) buses and a police motor cycle.

3.) Road plans have been made only to fit for few years then roadworks start again to cater for more vehicles leaving roads with lots of humps and jumps.

4.) Building a single lane bridge in Vatuwaqa. Just a few more feet and a double lane bridge would have benefitted for a long time and money and focus could have been given to Stinson Parade bridge behind Village 6.

There many things I can outline but I do not want to be messy.

Those of you who have actually had an experience on above issues please respond.

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